Monday, March 26, 2007

FZQ's Chicken Kebabs

Ground meat has taken shape as the theme of this week’s menu. Last night, I tried out friend (and fellow food lover) FZQ’s recipe for patty-style Chicken Kebabs. The recipe was appealing since my barbeque is packed away with 99% of our stuff (I miss you BBQ!), although I’m sure these would delicious cooked on the grill.

I altered the recipe slightly (more due to the fact that some things are just harder to come by here than anything else) substituting fresh mint for the dried and sprinkling in some chili powder. (I don’t know if the jalapeno’s we managed to find here are wimpy or my heat tolerance has gone up a lot, but I had eaten a slice of one, seeds and all, and got nothing, so in went the chili powder!) FQZ served them up with a spicy cilantro sauce that sounded great, but due to the fact that I have no blender and my food processor is packed away with the barbeque I decided to whip up a yogurt sauce instead. The chicken kebabs were delicious and something I would make again in an instant.

Yogurt Sauce

1 little carton plain yogurt
¼ cup finely diced cucumber, peeled
1 tablespoon chopped mint
juice of one lime (lemon would be delicious, they are imported & expensive here!)
salt & pepper to taste

Mix ingredients in a bowl. Let chill in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes for the flavors to come together.

I served the patties up with Dave's Bow Ties with Pesto, Feta & Cherry Tomatoes and a salad. Delicious! Tonight - Meatballs!

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dfelix said...

Okay, I love that you are writing love letters to your BBQ on your blog! I have never seen that weird movie Darkman but my brother riffs lines from it, and your post made me think this: if your BBQ had ears it would hear you pining for it, and if your BBQ had lips it would kiss you!